Bintan Island… Paradise!

July 15, 2011

The second stop on my family’s Asia trip was the island of Bintan in Indonesia. We stayed at the luxurious Club Med for four lovely days.

Being that Club Med is an all-inclusive resort, we had the option to eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted! Everywhere I looked there was food. Weeven went to get massages and were greeted with a snack… Which brings me to my point.

At the reception of Asmara Lifestyle Spa, we were offered tea to start off our relaxation. When I tried it, I was amazed at how delicious it was! It was a lemongrass tea with a certain coolness to it that I’ve never had before. The flavor was intense and the taste was fresh and citrusy.

After my massage, I was taken to the waiting room where I had another tea. This time, it was a warm tea, made of cinnamon and pepper. I’m not one for spicy food but the kick from this tea was revitalizing. It had a bang of heat but not eano

Sitting in an open room facing the Pacific Ocean, I sat and thought about this tea. I appreciated the mindset of the people of Bintan, using the spices and herbs they have available to them to make something as simple as tea so great, while being chock-full of nutrients.

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