Noodles Above the Pacific Ocean

July 15, 2011

As my summer vacations in Asia came to a close, so did my adventures in Asian cuisine… not! I couldn’t escape the delicious Asian fare on the way back home.

On the plane from Hong Kong to New York, I was given a menu of options to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, all the meals were inspired by Asian ingredients and techniques. What caught my attention, though, was the snack choice: noodles.

I couldn’t believe it. “My Asian weakness? On the plane?! But how?!” I thought.

So much is my love for noodles that I asked my mom to get a serving of the snack so I could have two noodle bowls. I know, I’m a glutton.

Noodles on the plane!

I know a styrofoam cup with freeze-dried noodles and vegetables is not really “Asian fare” but bare with me. After coming from eating flavorful, fresh meals that were truly Asian, this was really a disgrace. Nevertheless, I appreciated these two cups of noodles. I felt like a little, tiny, minuscule part of Asia was coming back to the States with me.

The broth was no where near as flavorful as that of the Taiwanese beef noodle soup in Hong Kong and the noodles were of no comparison but, I was so happy to be enjoying “Asian” food on a plane that I didn’t really care how authentic this snack was… I had all the memories I needed already from an incredible and delicious vacation.

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