May 14, 2013

Although I’m currently on a diet, I’ve been browsing many cookbooks so I end up hungry and craving everything I can’t eat. I browse online and even search on Amazon for my favorite chefs to see what yummy new books and recipes they have.

As far as recipe gathering for me, I used to just Google whatever recipe popped into my mind (or search through Yummly!) but I’m now only satisfied if I have the book in front of me where the recipe actually comes from. My obsession piqued when I bought one of my favorite chef’s cookbook, Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen. I was so in love with it that, last night, I searched for Parisian cafĂ© music on Spotify and browsed through the entire book for an hour and a half!

Just before I wrote this post, I bought another one. Yes, I have no self control. I was browsing online for a good tomato jam recipe because I remembered absolutely delicious tomato jam from one of my all-time favorite NYC restaurants, Clinton Street Baking Company. I actually found the recipe on the Cooking Channel website but I didn’t stop there. Google had suggested “clinton street baking company cookbook” when I researched the recipe so, sure enough, I went back to the search bar and typed exactly that. Fast forward a couple clicks later and I’m now the owner of a copy of the cookbook.

I’ve also been tempted to buy my all-time favorite celebrity chef’s book, Ben Sargent’s The Catch. The only thing that’s stopping me is that it comes out on July 30th of this year so I’m contemplating whether I should order it or just put a calendar alert on my phone toe remind me once July 30th rolls around.

I want to hear from you- are you obsessed with cookbooks like I am? Or do you prefer the single recipe approach?

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