Country Cookin’: Blueberry Skillet Cobbler

September 3, 2014

I’ve been feeling very country-like lately.


I’m not quite sure if it’s the excitement from the upcoming Burning It Down tour (OMG, I can’t waaaaait!) or if it’s just something in the water. Naturally, I decided to channel these emotions and feelings by way of baking.

I recently purchased my very own skillet and I was so excited when it arrived. I searched high and low for the perfect mix of weight and size until Amazon helped me find what I was looking for.

So, knowing that I wanted to embark on some country cooking’ adventures with my skillet, I looked in my fridge. I saw a pint of blueberries calling my name. My choice was easy: blueberry cobbler.

I had never made blueberry cobbler but it was only the right thing to make to break in my skillet. I used this simple and easy recipeĀ from Epicurious and wished for the best. I made some minor substitutions from the original recipe:

  • I used only blueberries instead of both peaches and blueberries
  • I used all-purpose flour instead of whole wheat (I had actually just ran out of whole wheat)
  • I used whole milk instead of reduced-fat milk (I usually only have 2% milk at home but I happened to only have whole milk this time around)

I was not disappointed with the results.




The top part of the cobbler was just the right amount of crusty and soft. The blueberries melted right into the sweet dough and popped while baking. Next time, I’ll probably add a dusting of cinnamon sugar on the top of the cobbler before baking for some extra yumminess.

Thanks to my good friend Ori for giving me some great photography tips! She took a bunch of pictures so I’m not quite sure if the ones I used were the ones she shot but, thanks, Orrrrrrrri! šŸ™‚

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