Shikany’s Modernist Approach Wows in Wynwood

September 11, 2014

Over the years, Miami’s food scene has boomed. With trendy hotspots and gastronomical treasures, it’s no wonder the city has become quite the foodie destination. To celebrate the plethora of dining options, Miami Spice is here to save the day.

Miami Spice is a two-month long promotion, running from August 1st through September 30th, which offers a unique opportunity to savor cuisine prepared by Miami’s top chefs. Restaurants offer three-course meals featuring signature dishes created by world-renowned chefs at reduced prices. Lunch is $23 and dinner is $39, for every participating restaurant.

There are more than 170 restaurants participating in Miami Spice but, if you crave fresh ingredients and innovative presentation, run, don’t walk, to Shikany in the heart of Wynwood.



The culinary team at Shikany has come up with a spectacular Miami Spice menu to tantalize the palates of each and every diner that sets foot in the restaurant. For starters, an amuse-bouche of fish belly, seaweed salt and soy pearl is presented in an artful, UFO-like dish for guests to have a taste into Chef Michael Shikany’s culinary style.


The libations are a class all on their own. I had a “Paradiso” which was made up of fresh pressed watermelon, ginger extract, Limoncello and watermelon flavored ice cubes. It was like a grown-up thirst quencher for those hot summer days.


Shikany boasts a large, open-format kitchen just steps away from the dining room where diners can see chefs meticulously arranging dishes and intricate platters. Boxes of edible flowers and spices are constantly being opened and closed as chefs choose the perfect complement for the dish they’re composing. The skill and precision displayed by the culinary team is as impressive as it is organized….to the hilt. The passion that these chefs have for the food they prepare is undoubtedly present in all of the dishes to come out of the kitchen.


The out-of-the-box nature that is displayed in Shikany’s menu is a foodie’s paradise. Instead of a beef wellington, you can get a cobia wellington as your main course. Changing meat for fish on such a legendary dish really takes some guts but this pairing just tastes so right. Instead of garnishing the dish with shaved truffles, which are luxurious enough as it is, you’ll experience little pearls of delicious black truffle caviar adorning the top of your wellington.


Shikany is one of those restaurants where you just can’t pick a favorite dish, even after much thought and consideration. Between the astounding presentation, the exquisite flavor of the dishes, the hospitable service and the exceptional décor of the restaurant, Shikany is an absolute must to try during Miami Spice season. It’ll lure you back in time after time.

Shikany offers Miami Spice dinner from Sunday through Thursday. The restaurant is located at 251 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL 33127.

A version of this article appeared on General Motors’ Drive the District, a lifestyle blog – check it out here!

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