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London Like Locals

January 27, 2016

I’ve had a love affair with London for quite some time.

Ever since I first visited during the winter of 2009, I knew this was my dream city. The diverse culture, the friendly people and, of course, the delicious food captivated me from the moment I arrived.

In fact, I was lucky enough to live in London during the summer of 2012 and I got to know the city very well. I researched restaurants, walked through different parts of town to get to know the local streets and took every chance I could to soak in the nooks and crannies of the city.

Fast forward to last year and I took another trip across the pond and back to London with some spare vacation days I had from work. Three cheers for time off!
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That One Time I Got Foie Gras-Wasted in Paris

July 28, 2014

IMG_8266I’m not going to lie- when I travel, I usually like to eat my way through the city I’m visiting. I’m a firm believer that the culture and lifestyle of a destination is enhanced by the local dishes and flavors.

For my summer vacation this year, I went to visit one of my best friends in France. She’s working on her master’s degree in Paris and I also missed her very much, so I decided to spend some days with her. Continue Reading…


September 19, 2013

I had the best vacation this summer. I hit the beach, drank Mai Tais and went sightseeing at some amazing places. Of course, I’m talking about the one and only Hawaii!

Apart from being excited to finally work on my tan and ignore my email for a while (which is a vacation within itself!), I was stoked to try new flavors and dishes in the Aloha state.

Early on in my trip, I tried the iconic Hawaiian poke – a dish normally made with fresh, Ahi tuna, scallions, cilantro, onions, soy sauce, sesame oil and a little chili pepper for a kick. Poke actually means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and this dish is reminiscent of an insanely fresh ceviche.

Super fresh and ridiculously tasty Hawaiian poke

Super fresh and ridiculously tasty Hawaiian poke

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Taste the Food, Experience the Culture!

January 8, 2013

This past summer, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Spain and visit many places in Europe and Africa. I became obsessed with authentic Spanish cuisine so I wrote this entry for the blog I kept while I was living and studying in Spain. Hope you fall in love with la comida Española like I did!


I admit it, I’m a foodie. So naturally, I’m always fascinated by the different flavors I taste when I’m abroad. During my time in Spain this summer, this was no different. Continue Reading…

“The Hunger Games” and Food… Two Things I Love!

March 29, 2012

I’ve been incredibly obsessed with “The Hunger Games” lately. I finished the first book last Saturday and I was in the movie theaters, anxiously waiting for the movie to start that same evening.

For any fellow Hunger Games readers out there, you probably remember Katniss mentioning her favorite food in the Capitol- lamb stew over wild rice. Since I first read those words, I couldn’t get the stew out of my mind. I just kept picturing the dish while my mouth watered more and more each time I thought about it.

Which brings me to my point: I had the stew today. Well, not the lamb stew Katniss described but a variation. I actually went to Whole Foods today with my family and stumbled upon the soup counter by the meat section. There it was… The pot labeled “Beef Stew.” I had tried it before but it hit me this would satisfy my craving for the famed Capitol dish.

I served myself the biggest portion available of stew and then went to the hot food counter to get a serving of wild rice. Much to my surprise/dismay, there was no wild rice available. There was, however, brown rice. I figured that would do and served myself a small portion.

When I got home, I placed a couple spoonfuls of the brown rice on a plate and ladled a medium-sized portion (for once in my life, I wasn’t too hungry!) of the beef stew on top. I warmed it up in the microwave and this is what I feasted on…

Beef stew with brown rice. The Hunger Games

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My Experience at the 2012 South Beach Wine and Food Festival!

March 7, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of working at the 2012 South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF) here in Miami! I was a press and media associate thanks to my school, Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Read on for my reflection of the event!

I had always wanted to participate at a South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF) ever since I’d heard of the exciting demonstrations and chefs that attended this event. When I found out the FIU School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) would be hiring students this year to help with the festival, I was ecstatic to sign up and participate in this year’s festivities.

I worked as a press and media associate for two events: “Flavors of Flay with Bobby Flay” and “Trucks on The Beach, the Official Festival Closing Party hosted by Andrew Zimmern.” Being that I am a foodie and I always have the Food Network channel on, I instantly recognized these celebrity chefs and couldn’t wait to work these events.

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Noodles Above the Pacific Ocean

July 15, 2011

As my summer vacations in Asia came to a close, so did my adventures in Asian cuisine… not! I couldn’t escape the delicious Asian fare on the way back home.

On the plane from Hong Kong to New York, I was given a menu of options to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, all the meals were inspired by Asian ingredients and techniques. What caught my attention, though, was the snack choice: noodles.

I couldn’t believe it. “My Asian weakness? On the plane?! But how?!” I thought.

So much is my love for noodles that I asked my mom to get a serving of the snack so I could have two noodle bowls. I know, I’m a glutton.

Noodles on the plane!

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Lunch in Hong Kong

July 15, 2011

The last stop on our trip to Asia was Hong Kong. I can honestly say that we ended this trip on the right note because the food scene in Hong Kong is fabulous.

I tried so many new foods in Hong Kong, from pasta dishes for breakfast to sweet street foods. Every day was an exotic adventure for my taste buds!

Among the numerous dishes I savored, the one that stood out the most to me was a Taiwanese beef noodle bowl. I can honestly say that this is the best noodle dish I’ve ever had in my life… and, believe me, I’ve had a lot of noodle dishes.

As we entered a cozy little restaurant in the 19th floor of a fancy shopping mall, I didn’t really expect much out of Taiwanese food. After all, I had never tried it. So I went safe and ordered a typical Taiwanese beef noodle bowl along with some spring rolls.

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Exotic Snacks in Macau

July 15, 2011

Next on the Asia itinerary was Macau. Often coined the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau is one of two special administrative areas of China. The other special administrative area is Hong Kong.

Macau was a Portuguese colony until late 1999 so many of the typical dishes have heavy Portuguese influence. Lots of fish and rice is eaten in Macau, as well as hearty Portuguese stews. However, the South Pacific traditions are still readily available at the table.

One example of typical South Pacific influence is the choice of fruits in Macau. Everywhere I looked I saw (and smelled!) the infamous durian fruit. Shaped like a hedgehog, the durian fruit has a sort of rancid, putrid smell. To an outsider, it would seem ridiculous to even come close to such a fruit, let alone eat it! But my mom and I had our eyes set on trying this weird fruit and so we did.

We saw an ice cream shop that sold durian ice cream and decided to try it in ice cream form first to see if we really liked it. When I saw the ice cream, I remembered watching episodes of “No Reservations” and “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel where the durian fruit was mentioned and always wanting to try it.

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Bintan Island… Paradise!

July 15, 2011

The second stop on my family’s Asia trip was the island of Bintan in Indonesia. We stayed at the luxurious Club Med for four lovely days.

Being that Club Med is an all-inclusive resort, we had the option to eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted! Everywhere I looked there was food. Weeven went to get massages and were greeted with a snack… Which brings me to my point.

At the reception of Asmara Lifestyle Spa, we were offered tea to start off our relaxation. When I tried it, I was amazed at how delicious it was! It was a lemongrass tea with a certain coolness to it that I’ve never had before. The flavor was intense and the taste was fresh and citrusy.

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