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Dress Up your Holiday Table

December 23, 2014

The holidays can be a pretty hectic time. Family to host, meals to plan, gifts to wrap – I know it can get tough! However, I always like to get creative during a festive time like Christmas.


While browsing online during the months prior to Christmas, I stumbled upon this genius idea for innovative place settings.  Continue Reading…

That One Time I Got Foie Gras-Wasted in Paris

July 28, 2014

IMG_8266I’m not going to lie- when I travel, I usually like to eat my way through the city I’m visiting. I’m a firm believer that the culture and lifestyle of a destination is enhanced by the local dishes and flavors.

For my summer vacation this year, I went to visit one of my best friends in France. She’s working on her master’s degree in Paris and I also missed her very much, so I decided to spend some days with her. Continue Reading…